Thursday, October 19, 2006

Surfing Local Land Breaks
& Photos from Paradise

Bluegrass Surfer

*** WARNING ***
Riding a surfboard, mountain board, or in-line board (dirtsurfer) is very dangerous. Wipe-outs and injuries are intrinsic hazards of these sports. Serious and crippling injuries, and even death, are possible. Protective equipment should always be worn while participating in these EXTREME sports. The type of helmet and other protective equipment worn should be based on the speeds that will be reached, terrain and the types of activities attempted while riding these boards.

The Wall: Mountain Board

Top of the runway


The Wall




Holding a Wall: Dirtsurfer

Yee-Hah ! ...

Off Road: Mountain Board

Open Road: Mountain Board

Photos from Paradise

Beach break close-out at Waimea Bay (head high) -- North Shore, Oahu

Kneeboarders at Waimea Bay

Peelin' right at Sunset Beach -- North Shore, Oahu

This surfer finds the trough -- Sunset Beach

Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach -- Oahu

Duke Kahanamoku -- Waikiki

Hawaiian mountains -- southern Oahu

The older I get, the better I was ...

Aarrrgh ...

~ Bluegrass Surfer ~


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